Top : Topshop Shorts : Market

Bag : Coach Watch : Michael kors

 Shoes : Topshop

So honestly, it's been quite awhile now since I wrote my last blog but here I am again ! The outfits is pretty casual. It's summer so shorts are essential ! I love this Topshop V-Neck Cami because you can wear it in pretty much every outfit. And can I just say these shoes are amazing. They are from Topshop again but it's not pricy at all. Once you wear for a couple times, they are very comfy and again you can wear these with almost every outfit !

I'm gonna stop rambling now. Hope you enjoy xx



Top : Topshop - Jeans : Levi's - Shoes : ZARA - Bag : Burberry

I had an eye for these shoes for about a month now. You know what ? I finally decided to buy it ! I was skeptical at first because the shoes are a little bit too harsh. It doesn't seem to be comfortable but after walking pass the zara store too many times, I just can't help myself. Finally, I walked in the store and bought them. I totally made the right decision ! I love them so much and I can see myself wearing these with every outfit.



Plaid : H&M - Shirt : Topshop - Skirt : CPS Chap

I think you can't go wrong with plaid. You can wear it with pretty much anything and it will make the outfit looks more interesting. What I love about this outfit apart from my plaid shirt is my skirt that I recently got. It's high waisted so it's easy to wear with crop top and your legs will look 10-Times longer ! Don't you think ? xx



 Overall : CPS Chaps - Cardigan : H&M - Bag : LONGCHAMP

This is the first time I wore overalls. I bought it when it's on sale so I thought why not give this a try ? This size is too big for me as you can see I have to wear belts. I threw some long cardigan to keep me warm. What do you guy think about overalls ? Love it or Hate it ?

"A Symphony of Lights" is staged everyday at 8 pm. It's located at the Victoria Harbour. If you have a chance to go there,be sure to visit this place ! xx



Top : Topshop - Shoes : TODS - Bag : Coach

Rings : H&M

I have this cropped t-shirt for awhile now but the problem is no matter what I pair it with. It's just not right for me. The top is oversized so I figured why not wear with pencil skirt which give feminine to the look. This outfit is pretty simple so I added necklace to make it more put together. Normally, I prefer to wear trousers or jeans anything like that but now I'm kinda into pencil skirt. I've never thought of wearing it before but it's good to change things up a bit. Don't you think ?


OOTD : Printed Crop Top With Caramel Trousers

I love this kind of trousers because I can wear them on a day or a night out. This is the example of the night out one.


Top : JJ market - Trousers : Stradivarius - Shoes : ZARA - Bag : Louis Vuitton

Tiger prawn citrus salad 

Mushroom risotto

This restaurant is called "Harvey". It's an Italian restaurant. I came here for the first time and I loved it already. I hope you love the outfits ! What are your statement pieces for a night out ? Happy New Year 2014 xx



Blazer : Forever 21 - Bag : Coach - Bracelets : Leather market in Italy

Market in Siena, Italy

My favorite place in Italy is Florence. I think it's the most gorgeous place I've ever been. If you have a chance, I think you should visit there once. Trust me , you won't regret it ! I'm in love with this country and I definitely want to go back if I had a chance. Have you ever been to Italy ? xx

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